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THANK YOU! WE DID IT! We raised $103,224 for KCteen! Thank you to our generous matchers for making this a possibility, and a HUGE thank you goes to YOU for seizing the opportunity to do good.

Marc and Alicia Kulick

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Being a Jew in 2024 is tough, being a Jewish teen in 2024 is tougher.


Sarah, a junior at a local public high school, felt the anti-Israel pressure. Berated by her peers on social media and in the hallways, she felt like her world was turning on her. 


Instead of hiding who she was, she responded like a champion; a Jewish Champion, strengthening her identity and getting more involved in her Jewish Teen Community. 


"Coming to Cteen I was able to be myself without being afraid of what someone might say... these are my people."


Over the past year, Kansas City's Jewish Teens responded to hate in the Jewish way; by adding more light.They showed up like never before, nearly tripling the attendance of our programs, and challenging us to increase the number of programs we offer. 


We find ourselves with a unique opportunity. Teens are hungry for meaningful connection, they want to be a part of their Jewish community.


Young Jews are looking for "their people", a place where they can safely celebrate their heritage and strengthen their identity. 


As part of our mission to make Judaism accessible to every teen, our programs are always completely free of charge. 


Over the next 36 hours a group of generous donors will match your donation until we raise 100,000. Your donation of 180=360, 360=720 etc.


These funds will cover our increased programming budget, and will give us the opportunity to offer our programs to so many more teens.


This year we were able to reach close to 200 Jewish Teens and give them the opportunity to connect to Jews just like themselves. With your partnership today we believe we can reach at least 75 more this coming year.  


Together we can ensure a Jewish future for our teens and ultimately, our entire community.


Am Yisroel Chai. 


With so much gratitude,

Rabbi Avremi and Mushky Baron (Mira and Efraim too)


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